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Quick Timetable

All sessions are with Annabel Knight unless specified otherwise

Daily Session 1: Warm-ups and Technique

An essential way to warm up your musical brain and body! These sessions will give you ideas for technical routines for your practice, homing in on the basics of sound production, posture, tongue and finger technique as well as getting your mind and body fully connected for the day.

Daily Session 2: Repertoire

Course participants are invited to present solo performances for discussion in class. These may be live (solo works, or with live or recorded accompaniment), or sent in advance to be shown as pre-recorded performances. There are no set pieces, so classes will comprise a mixture of music each day.

Daily Session 3: History and Context

A series of presentations and workshops designed to give background and new perspectives to recorder repertoire

Monday 9th August: Playing Baroque music with understanding

Annabel Knight will give an illustrated talk on the most important stylistic considerations when playing baroque repertoire, looking at the historical background behind different national styles, as well as more specific skills such as ornamentation, articulation, phrasing, sound, gesture and understanding dance movements.

Tuesday 10th August: Medievalism: portraying the ‘medieval’ in media and culture

Helen Herbert will lead a workshop on how the ‘medieval world’ is portrayed musically in modern media and culture.

Monday 16th August: Which Recorder? Choosing the ‘right’ instrument for the piece

Annabel Knight reflects on how changes in instrument design across the centuries might affect our choice of recorder for a particular piece, both in solo and ensemble music. From the simplicity of the medieval instrument, through to current innovations from living recorder makers, this session will leave you feeling more informed about which instruments work best for different pieces, and help you form a wish list for the future.

Tuesday 17th August: De-mystifying the Modern

No matter what level of experience you have with new and 20th/21st century music, this session will give an accessible introduction to this sometimes complex and mystifying area of music. Chris Orton will explore improvisation, inventing and creating extended techniques, reading graphic scores and unusual notation, as well as unpicking some famous pieces from the contemporary repertoire.

Daily Session 4

Playing by Ear (9, 10, 16 August)

In these three sessions, Annabel Knight will guide you through techniques for playing a piece by ear using a simple round or folk melody. By the end of the course you will know at least three tunes by heart.

Group Discussion: University or Music College? (17 August)

In the aftermath of the pandemic, and following decades of cuts to creative subjects in UK schools, Annabel will lead a discussion and advice session on the pros and cons of choosing a career in music, and explore the different pathways within higher education. Guest contributors also to be announced.